Georgian wines at Restaurant Alexander Denneweg The Hague

Georgian wines at Restaurant Alexander Denneweg in The Hague

From now on we have new wines of the Georgian winery Winery Khareba in our restaurant Alexander to Denneweg. These top wines are a beautiful addition to our new menu.

Are you curious about the taste of Georgian wine? We have best wines from Georgia selected for you.

De Georgische wijnen bij Restaurant Alexander aan Denneweg in Den Haag


Georgian wine: Top Wine from Georgia

Thanks to many discoveries of historians, there is no doubt possible about the fact that Georgia is the birthplace of wine. Paleontologists have various certificates such as 8000 years old grape waste and barrels that have been dated to the 2nd or even 3rd millennium BC.

Today, growing more than 500 endogenous grape varieties in this small country, which is 20% of all grape varieties that exist in the world! Greater diversity is nowhere else in the world. Georgian wines are known for their unique properties and characteristics. The warm climate and moist air from the Black Sea offer ideal conditions to produce excellent wine. The varied landscapes and climates make peace possible to produce more varieties of grapes than almost any other country in the world.

Viticulture and viniculturele methodology is rich and diverse in Georgia. This wine is produced both in the traditional way and according to the modern “European” techniques. Traditional Georgian wine is hardly conceivable without Qvevri. Qvevri wine is unique for its rich composition, its distinctive bouquet and flavor, nutritional and medicinal qualities.

winery khareba gold medal, De Georgische wijnen Restaurant Alexander Denneweg Den Haag

The Qvevri is a barrel of pottery and is used for creating, aging and storage of wine. The vessel is buried in the ground, in which the temperature remains constant, which guarantees the best maturation. The basis of the technological process consists of the pressing of the grapes, pour the wine and adding the Ch’ach’a (grape skins, stems and seeds) in a Qvevri. The fermentation process develops further and the mixture is stirred for a daily basis. When the fermentation is finished, the Qvevri is closed and sealed for a period of 5-6 months.

Each method comprises alcoholic fermentation using natural yeasts, no additives. The Qvevri facilitates the process of fermentation and aging of the minerals which make up the largest part of the composition. This has a favorable influence on the taste and the quality of the wine.

The interesting history of Georgian wine was internationally recognized in July 2012. Since then, the country enjoys the exclusive right to the slogan “Georgia – the birthplace of wine.”





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