September 23, 2015

A La Carte

Restaurant Alexander Den Haag:  New Grill BBQ Menu

We are pleased to announce, that Restaurant Alexander has been undergoing new tasting experiments, and our new, revised BBQ menu will be published. Be sure to come and check our re-defined cooking experience, taking your taste buds to new heights.

Central in Alexander’s kitchen located the original charcoal grill, Big Green Egg BBQ Grill from the USA. The Big Green Egg is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine wich works 100% with charcoal.

Cooking your favorite steak, fish and vegetables in Big Green Egg adding the unique flavour of the finest embers; a unique texture and juiciness in all dishes.

Open A La Carte menu

Menukaart starters July 2018 a la carte menu Restaurant Alexander Den Haag  


Porcini |  Truffel French Mushroom Soup with truffle vegetarian 12,5*
Ginger & Pumpkin Soup | Pumpkin soup with coconut, ginger and cilantro  vegetarian 7,5
Zuppa di pomodoro | Tomato soup with basil vegetarian 7,5
Broodplankje | Bread platter, herb butter and olive tapenade 4,5
  • If you have a food allergy, please let us know before ordering


Charcuterie | Grill Chorizo sausage, Pata Negra ham Spinata Romana & Manchego 9,5
Cappe Sante & Gamberi | Scallops with cing prawns and artichoke 12,5
Carpaccio | Black Angus | Beef carpaccio with rucola, parmesan and truffle sauce 10,5
Tuna fish with soy sauce, sesame and poppy seeds  14.5


Spaghetti a l’arrabbiata | BBQ ratatouille and spicy tomato sauce 15,-
Pelmeni | Russian pelmeni stuffed with veal and crème fraiche 24,5-
Fillet of beef al Borolo | green asparagus, oyster mushrooms & Borolo sauce 24,5-
Rossini | Fillet of beef Rossini with duck lever, truffle & Périgueux sauce 29,-
Agnello | Rack of lamb, baba ganoush and plums sauce 24,5-
Tortelloni | Tortelloni stuffed with forest mushrooms and black truffle vegetarian 24,5-


Groenten | Grilled Ratatouille vegetables 3,5
BBQ Aardapels | Fraiche Grilled potatoes, sour cream 3,5
Verse Friet | Fresh french fries 3,5
Asperges | Asparagus, parmigiano 5,5

Very Special

Osetra Caviar 10 gr | caviar, blini’s and sour cream 29,5


Black Forest Gâteau | Glutten Free | Meringue cake with Chocolate, Chantilly Cream & almonds 9,5*
Strawberry’s Romanoff | soure sahne, cognac and vanilla 8,5
Tartufo Bianco e Nero | Amaretto Black & White truffle ice cream with amaretto 8,5
Kaasplateau | Cheese plate selection of soft, hard and blue cheese 12,5


Please note that the dishes or ingredients above may change from time to time due to market availability